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Due to selection methods and control processing of our raw materials, there could potentially be allergens present in our products.

Potential allergens:

Eggs and Egg Derivates (Albumin)

We do not use eggs in our products, except for the Maxipraline Nougat. Egg white (albumin) is used in the nougat.


Gluten is a molecule present in cereals such as wheat, barley, oats or their derivates, such as malt or starch, Certain of our products are made with ingredients containing gluten or susceptible of containing traces of gluten.

Dry Fruit (Hazelnuts, Nuts, Peanuts, Almonds, etc.)

Some of our products contain dry fruit or may contain traces of dry fruit.

Milk (Lactose, Milk Protein etc.)

The quality of our Leonidas products is ensured in the running of our production. Between production runs for different types of chocolates, the accessible parts of the installations are required to be thoroughly cleaned and inaccessible parts to be appropriately rinsed. Despite the vigorous cleaning procedures implemented in-between runs, it is possible that traces of milk proteins may sometimes be found in some of our dark chocolates.

Vegetable Fats

The recent adoption by the European Parliament of the new “Chocolates” directive has not changed our operation procedures at all. It is our policy to use only pure coca butter in the manufacture of our chocolates now and in the future.